The future of the workplace

We believe that remote working and distributed teams are the future for the majority of businesses. Bespin Labs is 100% Cloud and 100% distributed, we have no physical office location. We believe that this business model is the future and most businesses, especially tech, will follow over the next few years. It’s clearly not possible for every industry– manufacturing will still need factories, healthcare will need hospitals, and we’ll still need builders, joiners and plumbers. However for the large majority of information workers, working from home, or from a co-working community hub will become the norm.

Remote working not only allows our team members to concentrate it also give them a much better lifestyle. Before moving to a 100% remote working model, our typical morning and evening commute was over 1 hour. So not having to commute to the city gave us the ability to expand our organisation without worrying about additional office space. It also allows us to live wherever and however they like. Working remotely isn’t for everyone, some find the isolation of being at home difficult if they are generally used to being around other people. However, for this, we’ve discovered that working at a co-working or community hub gives them the social interaction that is sometimes needed.

Redesign the high street

We believe that remote working is the future business model for the information workers and one that could have a positive impact on our towns and villages. Thanks to the rise of the online retailers the high street has been hit hard. High taxes and less footfall has seen many our the major brands that once drew in customers to our town centres disappear. Remote working gives our town centres the opportunity to re-invent themselves. But, whether they will take this currently isn’t clear.

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